Standard Abrasivesā„¢ MD Mini-Brush 875714, 4-1/2 in x 2 in x 5/8-11 FB051 15-46 S MED Medium Density, 2 ea/Case

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Our Standard Abrasivesā„¢ MD Mini-Brush features medium density (MD) Buff and Blend material for efficient restoration of original, high-quality finishes on fabricated steel parts. While welds or other imperfections might detract from a fine finish, the original luster can still be salvaged ā€“ even revitalized and renewed ā€“ with the help of this abrasive brush.

Delivers high-quality finishes with sharp cutting and self-renewing aluminum oxide mineral. Easy to use. High Strength Buff and Blend material has great tear resistance. Non-woven material is spongy and responsive, conforming to most surface geometries. Open web is load resistant, prolonging abrasive service life. Resin bond is heat resistant and withstands repeated wear