Standard Abrasivesā„¢ Ceramic Belt, 580026, 80, 1/2 in x 24 in, 50 ea/Case

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Ideal for maintenance and repair, our narrowĀ Standard Abrasivesā„¢ Ceramic BeltĀ reaches into corners and small spaces. TheĀ blend of high-performing ceramic grain and aluminum oxide creates a harder, longer-lasting abrasive that excels at moderate stock removal to finishing. A grinding aid enables use on heat-sensitive alloys, while the heavy polyester backing supports high-pressure applications.

Ceramic aluminum oxide blend yields a noticeably faster cut-rate than standard aluminum oxide. Durable mineral extends belt life, producing more parts per belt and requiring fewer belt changes. Durable resin bond resists deterioration from heat, extending the life of the belt. Effectively performs finishing and polishing from slack of belt. Grinding aid reduces heat and increases performance on stainless steel and exotic metals. Narrow file belt is ideal for grinding and blending hard-to-reach areas. YF-weight polyester backing supports high-pressure applications and can be run wet or dry