Standard Abrasivesā„¢ Buff and Blend HS Flap Brush 875229, 14 in x 2-1/2 in x 8 in FB108 34-62 A CRS Hard Density, 1 ea/Case

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Designed to utilize the material face rather than the edge, our Standard Abrasivesā„¢ Buff and Blend HS Flap Brush helps achieve fine finishes without leaving lines on the workpiece. The high strength (HS) material makes it an ideal choice for blending, cleaning, deburring and finishing on stainless steel, brass and aluminum, especially where uniform and long line brushed finishes are desired.

High strength durability is tear-resistant and stands up to irregular shaped parts. Open web design resists loading and eliminates metal contamination of workpiece. Provides decorative, high luster finishes on stainless steel, brass and aluminum. Resin coated surface runs cool and is waterproof for use with lubricants. Tough nylon face removes surface contaminants without leaving lines or gouging the work piece. Various sizes available for wide range of tools: straight shaft portable grinder, bench motor, backstand, floor lathe, rotary, straight line, and robotic