Standard Abrasivesā„¢ Buff and Blend AP Disc, 873310, 3 in x 1/4 in A MED, 25/Carton, 250 ea/Case

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Standard Abrasivesā„¢ Buff and Blend AP Disc is an equally tough and pliable abrasive designed for medium duty cleaning, edge deburring and antique finishing on a variety of metals, including ferrous alloys.

Aluminum oxide mineral is friable and sharp, revealing fresh, sharp cutting edges for a consistent scratch. Available in very fine (VFN, red) and medium (MED, tan) grades to accommodate project needs. May be run with a lubricant to help eliminate swarf and potential for smearing the substrate. Open web is flexible and pliable, so it will not gouge the substrate and sustain part geometry. Open web is load resistant, so abrasive will not get clogged with debris, contributing to longer service life