Standard Abrasivesā„¢ Aluminum Oxide Buff and Blend HS Roll, 830273, Medium, 1-3/4 in x 53 ft, 6 ea/Case

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Standard Abrasivesā„¢ Aluminum Oxide HS Buff and Blend Roll is high strength material that is very tear resistant, so it is a good match for final finishing on irregularly shaped parts, because it will not break down or fray when it comes to contact with contours and extrusions. Most durable material under abusive conditions like sharp edges and deburring.Ā  Available in Very Fine, Medium and Coarse, and for use in power tools

A higher strength material that is very tear resistant. Abrasive may be run wet to help wash away swarf and keep abrasive running cool, minimizing potential for heat-induced smearing and blemishes. Aluminum Oxide mineral is friable and breaks down to reveal sharp cutting edges for a consistent cut. Open web is load resistant, reducing the likelihood of abrasive clogging with debris, thereby prolonging service life. Roll form may be shaped according to application requirements. Versatile selection ofĀ Buff and Blend materials areĀ availableĀ to ensure the right roll for each application