Scotch-Briteâ„¢ Rolocâ„¢ Clean and Strip XT Pro Extra Cut Disc, XC-DR, A/O Extra Coarse, TR, 3 in, 25 ea/Case

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Scotch-Briteâ„¢ Rolocâ„¢ Clean and Strip XT Pro Extra Cut Disc features aluminum oxide abrasive mineral incorporated into an open nylon web. It is designed to remove heavy rust, thick paint and corrosion while also scratching the base material underneath, which can save you time. The highly conformable, high-strength fibers resist chunking and loading, and they perform well on edges.

Aluminum oxide mineral aggressively removes top layer and cleans to the bare metal underneath. High conformability provides a larger contact patch for faster removal rates. High speed rating and low vibration. High-strength fiber resists chunking and performs well on edges. Quickly removes heavy rust, thick paint, corrosion and cleans welds. Requires use of Rolocâ„¢ backup pad (sold separately). Resists loading for consistent cutting action. Rolocâ„¢ attachment system makes disc changes easy