Scotch-Briteâ„¢ Hookitâ„¢ Clean and Finish Disc, 6 in x NH S ULF, 40 ea/Case

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Scotch-Briteâ„¢ Hookitâ„¢ Clean and Finish Disc is a durable finishing disc that gives you effective light to moderate cleaning, scratch blending, deburring, and creating satin finishes on aluminum, stainless steel, and other metals, and is also suitable for use on plastics, wood and fiberglass.

3Mâ„¢ Hookitâ„¢ quick-change system provides fast and easy disc attachment and removal. Conformability to access hard-to-reach and contoured areas. Non-woven 3D structure provides long life and consistent finishes. S Ultra fine grade is effective for light to moderate cleaning, satin finishing, scratch blending and deburring