Scotch-Briteā„¢ 7448 PRO Disc, PO-HA, SiC Ultra Fine, 6 in x NH, 40 ea/Case

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Our Scotch-Briteā„¢ 7448 PRO Disc combines flexible fibers with outstanding cut to help you accomplish tough cleaning jobs or produce fine finishing results. This ultra fine grade disc is ideal for prepping surfaces for paint and primer, general scuffing and hand blending. It is an excellent alternative to steel wool, wire brushes and other non-woven products for cleaning or finishing tasks.

Denser mineral placement when compared to 7448 which allows for uniform scratch and a faster cut rate. Disc conforms to irregular surfaces without losing performance. Great for light scuffing and surface preparation for better coating adhesion. Load and heat resistant non-woven web provides consistent finishing over the life of the disc. Performs like steel wool grade 00 without shredding, rusting, or splintering. Robust finishing action outperforms steel wool for cleaning, blending, prepping and finishing on metal, wood, plastics and composites. Ultra fine grade silicon carbide abrasive produces a smooth finish