3M™ Dynamic Mixing System Nozzle for Fillers and Glazes 05847, 50 Nozzles/Box

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3M SKU: 7000119826

Our 3M™ Dynamic Mixing System Nozzle is integral to fast, accurate mixing of two-part body repair products. Nozzles are specially designed for low-waste mixing that thoroughly blends material to specific ratios. Choose the DMS 1.0 red nozzle for fillers and glazes, and purple nozzles for DMS 1.5 adhesives and sealers. Nozzle extensions are available for adhesives and sealants to reduce bead size.

Active mixing action thoroughly blends materials for precision mixing every time. Easy clip-on/off application to cartridges saves time. Nozzle extensions are available to reduce bead size when extruding adhesive and sealants. Nozzles colored by product line help ensure trouble-free application for adhesives, sealants, fillers and glazes. Reduces mess and cleanup – no hand mixing is needed for fillers and glazes. Short length limits material left inside the nozzle