3Mâ„¢Vitrified Grinding Wheel 91VB T1-500X40X203,2 81A240 K5V901W-50M/S ANSI

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3Mâ„¢ Vitrified Grinding Wheels 91VB are our vitrified bonded wheels for optimising roughing and finishing process steps while grinding gear parts.

91NDA Minerals, Precision shaped grains and NA Series™ grains. Balances machine problems and can be used universally. Delivers durability and efficiency with Cubitron™ II precision shaped grains. High gear quality – profile error ff? < 2?m without any issues, surface roughness Rz < 2,5?m. High performance while rough grinding, less dressing and thermal damages, shorter cycle, higher productivity. High process stability and constant quality for critical workpieces. High surface and profile quality, with absence of chips' cold welding. Ideal self-sharpening and early chip formation. Lower dressing cost thanks to higher dressing interval. Reduces grinding time by more than 20 % thanks to higher feed rate in roughing and finishing