3Mâ„¢High Performance Vitrified Grinding Wheel 91VX T1-320X230X110 68DA80 F9VP470XSR3ZT-80M/S ANSI

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For grinding workshops looking to achieve outstanding performance while meeting high quality standards, 3M™ High Performance Vitrified Grinding Wheel 91VX is the solution you are looking for. By combining the unique assets of two technologies — 3M Precision-Shaped Grain and the upgraded 3M™ High Performance Vitrified Bond V470 — it provides a high stock removal rate capable of grinding parts without thermal damage and extremely precise profile geometry.

Extremely high profile retention and lead form holding. Grinding wheels with extremely high durability, lowering cost per ground part. High stock removal rate capabilities allow shorter cycle time and potential capacity improvement leading to increased throughput. Longer interval between each dressing cycle which may reduce the wear of the dressing unit. Lower temperature generation reducing risks of thermal damage