3Mâ„¢ Wetordryâ„¢ Sandpaper 9088DC-NA, 9 in x 11 in, Assorted grit, 5 sht pk

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3Mâ„¢ Wetordryâ„¢ allows you to sand between coats of varnish and paint or other finishes. Can be used with water to reduce clogging and extend abrasive life. Ideal for sanding metal for repainting or prior to primer coat.

10 Sheets per pack. Assorted Grit. For Sanding Between Coats Of Varnish, Lacquer, Paint And Other Finishes. For use by hand or with sanding block. Sharp synthetic mineral that cuts fast and smooth. Silicon Carbide Abrasive, A Sharp Synthetic Mineral That Cuts Fast And Smooth. Waterproof Paper