3M™ Trizact™ CF Cloth Belt 347FC, A300 X-weight, 1 in x 24 in, Fabri-lok, No Flex, Scallop B, 200 ea/Case

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3M™ Trizact™ CF Cloth Belt 347FC features a unique formulation and “bricks and channels” abrasive design well suited for hard chrome grinding and finishing. The 347FC belt delivers consistent grinding performance without loading and dulling and the flexible X-weight cloth backing withstands high pressure grinding on hard metals.

Channels efficiently remove swarf, reduce loading or capping of abrasive. Controlled mineral breakdown delivers more consistent, predictable finishes over the life of the abrasive. Geometric "bricks" wear evenly throughout service life due to multiple layers of mineral and grinding aid. Macroreplicated abrasive structures are designed to cut faster at higher pressures abrasives with consistent results from first cut to last. X-weight cloth backing withstands high-pressure grinding