3Mâ„¢ Trizactâ„¢ CF Cloth Belt 327DC, A65 X-weight, 4-3/4 in x 487 in, Film-lok, No Flex

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The 3Mâ„¢ Trizactâ„¢ Cloth Belt 327DC is ideal for soft metals that quickly load other belts in low pressure applications. Use it for intermediate scratch refinement, dimensioning and finishing, and minor mill line and scale removal. Uniquely engineered aluminum oxide abrasive delivers a consistent finish, sustained cut rate and longer belt life.

Brick and channel mineral structure removes swarf and loading. Extra-long belt life reduces abrasive cost and inventory. Grinding aid and mineral structure work together to keep workpiece cool. Higher, more consistent cut and finish on coarser applications can reduce process steps. Uniform brick-like abrasive structure cuts and finishes consistently from day one to the end of the belt’s life