3M™ Resin Bond Diamond Wheels and Tools, 6B2J 4-1-.5-.5 D120 637BI V15 W.75

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Our 3M™ Resin Bond Diamond Super Abrasive Wheel 637BI is a fast, free-cutting wheel developed to grind Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD), carbide, thermal spray coatings and other hard-to-grind materials. Our unique resin bond construction is designed to reduce or eliminate wheel conditioning altogether to simplify and improve processes and promote higher throughput.

Able to grind workpieces with multiple materials without performance degradation. Available in a wide range of grades, shapes and sizes. Diamond abrasive is consistent, fast-cutting and long-lasting and grinds steel substrates. Reduces debris in coolant, minimizing wear and tear on equipment and reducing the need for filtration. Unique bond construction reduces or eliminates wheel conditioning entirely for higher throughput in demanding applications