3M™ Polyimide Hybrid Bond Diamond Wheels and Tools, 1A1 3-.787-.375-.787 D220 650HJ MMMPBDW42558

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Our 3M™ Diamond Wheel 650HJ is used to generate the flute which is the helical or straight groove in the body of the cutting tools made from tungsten carbide. This hybrid bonded wheel offers high cut rates, good form retention, and increased thermal stability during higher temperature grinding operations.

Available in shapes 1V1,? 1A1 with custom arbor hole. Delivers a high level of cut-rate among 3M™ Fluting Wheels. Excellent for use on PCD,? non-ferrous metals,? carbide,? cermets and ceramic. High form retention requires less frequent dressing, increasing productivity. Hybrid bond withstands higher temperature operations than a polyimide bond. Ideal for long, uninterrupted runs. Recommended for wet applications. Requires a minimum of “white sticking”