3M™ Paint Defect Removal Abrasive Rectangle Sheet, 33902, 37 mm x 28 mm, 3000, 10 sheets per box, 10 boxes per case

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Our 3M™ Paint Defect Removal Abrasive Rectangle Sheet is a small, durable abrasive for removing paint nibs and other defects by hand, without having to sand, compound and polish entire panels. Featuring fast-cutting, long-lasting aluminum oxide abrasive, the thin film-backed 37 mm x 28 mm rectangle fits onto specially-designed sanding blocks and pads for powerful hand sanding at your fingertips.

Coated aluminum oxide abrasive is optimized for sanding small areas. Durable film backing holds up during dry or wet sanding. Minimizes repair area – attaches to small handheld blocks and pads for cutting out nibs. Part of our Paint Defect Removal Hand Sanding System. Small rectangular abrasive acts as a miniature straight line sander. Stikit™ attachment makes changing abrasives fast and easy, increasing efficiency