3M™ Medium Grit Sanding Sponge 03088, 400G, 12/Case

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3M™ Sanding Sponge is ideal for dry or wet sanding of wood, paint, metal, plastic and drywall. When finished, simply rinse and reuse. Comfortable, flexible and convenient.

Designed For Hand Sanding. Flexible Foam Sanding Pad Comes In A Range Of Coarse, Medium And Fine Grits. Highly Conformable To Provide Uniform Finish On Curves And Contours. Made With Silicon Carbide Abrasive Material. Ready To Use Straight From The Package For Ease Of Use And Convenience. Remove Paint And Rust From Metal. Remove Paint From Fiberglass Body. Specialty Purpose Sponges Will Reach Challenging Locations That Ordinary Sanding Tools Cannot Reach. Use For Dent Fill And Dent Finish Steps. Use For Putty, Glaze And Primer Sanding