3M™ Flexible Diamond Belt 6451J, M74, Type G, Pattern 18, Red, 2 in x 72 in

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We designed the 3M™ Flexible Diamond Belt 6451J to achieve a range of finishes on hard-to-grind materials, and is ideal for roll grinding and other applications where the abrasive is supported by a contact wheel or platen. It combines the strength of metal-bonded diamond abrasive with a premium low-stretch water resistant cloth backing to support tough roll grinding and wet grinding jobs.

Diamond mineral abrasive provides fast, consistent cut. Excellent for hard-to-grind materials. Metal bonded diamonds adds durability and long belt life. Multiple patterns are available for applications where loading and stock removal are special concerns. Open dot construction helps minimize loading, prolonging abrasive service life. Strong, low-stretch backing adds strength and resists stretching. Used for roll grinding and other applications where abrasive is supported by contact wheel or platen