3M™ Flap Disc 769F, 40+, T29 Quick Change, 4-1/2 in x 5/8 in-11, 10 ea/Case

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3M™ Flap Disc 769F is a high-performance abrasive disc built for versatility and value. Powered by 3M Precision-Shaped Grain, it lasts longer and cuts faster than conventional aluminum oxide and alumina zirconia flap discs – and it’s priced for affordability and everyday use. This unbeatable combination of performance and value can increase productivity while also lowering your abrasive spend.

Contains 3M Precision-Shaped Grain, which cuts faster and lasts longer than conventional abrasive grain. Covers a wide range of applications from weld grinding and beveling to surface prep. Delivers long-lasting high performance and versatility at a value price. Ideal for use on carbon steel, stainless steel and other heat-sensitive alloys. Individual flaps break down, exposing fresh mineral to deliver consistent cut rate for the life of the disc. Proven to outperform traditional alumina zirconia flap discs