3M™ Disc Kut 1430, 3 in, 36, 80 ea/Case

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3M™ Disc Kut-Down™ Discs are used for a variety of collision repair jobs. They feature extremely coarse grades down to 24 grit for effective grinding and include a built-in backing plate that provides durable support and easy adapter attachment. Disc Kut-Down™ means that as the discs wear, the edges can be trimmed and refreshed so you can keep your discs longer and minimize wasted material.

Add speed cut-rate and long life with aluminum oxide discs. Grind with more volume and in hard-to-reach areas. Maintain stability at high temperatures with heat-resistant resin finish. Make quick changes with a handy 3” diameter that adapter connects 3M™ Disc Kut-Down™ abrasive discs to handheld grinders. Trim down and refresh discs to add life and efficiency and save on wasted materials. Use for paint removal and metal grinding. Use with Kut-Down™ Disc Adapter, 3”, PN 05533