3M™ Diamond Polishing PSA Cloth Disc 656WY, 3000 Mesh, 12 in x NH, Die 1200B, Restricted

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3M™ Diamond Polishing PSA Cloth Disc 656WY grinds and polishes tough, hard-to-grind materials, such as carbides and ceramics. Micron-graded diamond particles bonded to a flexible, J-weight waterproof cloth backing make this a durable, consistent abrasive with a long service life. A pressure sensitive backing allows swift and simple attachment.

Available in grades 1800, 3000, 8000 and 50,000 mesh (9µ, 6µ, 3µ and 0.5µ). Flexible, J-weight cloth backing is waterproof for use with coolants. Micron-graded diamond mineral for use on hard-to-grind materials. Pressure sensitive adhesive backing makes tool attachment easyc