3Mâ„¢ Cubitronâ„¢ ll Cloth Belt 947A, 60+ X-weight, 6 in x 336 in, Film-lok, Single-flex

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Our 3Mâ„¢ Cubitron II Abrasive Belt 947A built with 3Mâ„¢ Precision-Shaped Grain cuts metal dramatically faster and cooler, and stays sharp longer than conventional ceramic belts. Its X-weight poly-cotton backing is flexible. This belt is optimized for low and medium pressure applications on stainless steel, mild steels, and aluminum.

3M Precision-Shaped Grain slices through metals like a knife rather than gouging or plowing. An X-weight poly-cotton backing is optimized for flexibility. Cool cutting action lessens the risk of heat-related damage to workpiece. Includes a grinding aid for less grinding friction and cooler cutting. Lasts up to 4 times longer than conventional ceramic belts. Removes material faster, with less pressure