3M™ Cubitron™ II Cloth Belt 967F, 2 in x 132 in, 36+ YF-weight, 50 ea/Case

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3M™ Cubitron II™ Cloth Belt 967F features high-performing 3M precision shaped grain on a resilient polyester backing to give you outstanding durability and cutting efficiency in high pressure applications on carbon steel, nickel alloys and tool steels.

3M Cubitron II™ belts with 3M Precision Shaped grain offers outstanding cutting capability on carbon steel and tool steels, resulting in greater productivity. Delivers long lasting and excellent cutting for dry off-hand applications. Durable 3M™ Cubitron II™ belts with 3M Precision Shaped Grain means fewer belt changes and more parts per belt. Heat-resistant grinding aid enables rough grinding of titanium and other heat-sensitive high nickel alloys. Heavyweight backing on coarse grades stands up to high pressure grinding applications