3M™ Cloth RX Unslashed Segment 244E, 3.625 in x 4.375 in 80 XE-weight, 20 ea/Case

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Featuring aluminum oxide mineral on XE-weight rayon cloth backing, our 3M™ Cloth Segment 244E is ideal for rotary sanding to remove rough areas and set a grain finish. It performs stock removal and finish sanding and is primarily used for setting the grain on contoured metal parts, such as stainless steel tanks used in the medical, food, and dairy industries.

Aluminum oxide delivers a fast cut. Custom segments offer conformability for rotary sanding on contours. Heavyweight cloth provides durability for high-production environments. Plastic base slides easily into a 3M™ RX Hub (sold separately) with the keyhole slots. Resin bond resists heat. Stiff coated abrasive flaps perform light stock removal, deburring, finishing and blending, and setting a grain finish