3M™ Cloth Belt 571F, 80 YF-weight, 74 in x 125-3/4 in, Film-lok, L-flex

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3M™ Cloth Belt 571F is an abrasive sanding belt for grinding, weld removal, finishing and blending on metal surfaces and contours. It is constructed on a tough, Y-weight backing with a closed coat of alumina-zirconia grains for work on a variety of substrates. The water-resistant material allows for the use of liquid coolants to further reduce heat buildup.

Closed coat provides greater grain density and finer finishes on hard surfaces. Flexible polyester material conforms to contoured parts for consistent finishing. Resin bonding resists deterioration from heat, extending the life of the abrasive cloth. Versatile alumina-zirconia abrasive belt for aggressive metal grinding to finishing. Y-weight, water-resistant backing holds up to aggressive use with liquid coolants