3M™ Cloth Belt 370DZ, 53-1/2 in x 103 in, P180 Y-weight, Sinelok, 5 ea/Case

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3M™ Cloth Belt 370DZ is an open coat product using a premium grade aluminum oxide mineral. The cloth backing of the belt makes it suitable for both rough sanding and final finishing on wide belt and edge sanding applications.

Heavyweight cloth backing is especially suited for coarser grades on wide belt and edge sanding applications. Open coat construction and anti-static treatment reduce loading for enhanced cut-rate and optimal abrasive life in woodworking applications. Premium aluminum oxide offers improved cut and abrasive life. Resin bond withstands high heat and pressure for longer service life. Washable backing is suitable for sanding wood with a lot of pitch/resin (belts load quickly) such as pine