3M™ Cloth Belt 302D, P120 J-weight, 4 in x 72 in, Film-lok, Full-flex

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3M™ Cloth Belt 302D is an aluminum oxide belt with open coat construction and a flexible J-weight backing that conforms well for sanding contours and complex parts. It is best-suited for light grinding, finishing, deburring and setting the grain on carbon steel and stainless steel, as well as soft metals like aluminum, brass, bronze and copper.

Designed for use on backstand grinders, file belt tools and benchtop motors. Flexible cloth backing provides ideal conformability for blending and finishing contours and complex parts. Open coat construction helps evacuate sanding dust from the belt for a more aggressive cut and longer abrasive life, which means greater productivity. Resin bonded belt maximizes abrasive life. Suitable for dry metalworking applications. Tough aluminum oxide abrasive cuts fast and performs well on most metals