Scotchâ„¢ Cushion Lock Protective Wrap PCW-1230, 12 in x 30 ft (304 mm x 9.14 m)

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Ditch the plastic bubble! This sustainable expanding paper wrap is made with 100% recycled paper and conforms around your item, immobilizing it for proven protection during shipping, moving or storage.

A SUSTAINABLE ALTERNATIVE - Made with 100% recycled paper and 100% curbside recyclable after-use. AVOID TEARING: Before you tear off the roll, gently stretch the material an arm’s length at a time on a flat surface then wrap and stretch as you go. EASY TO USE - Just stretch, wrap, protect. No scissors or tape needed. EXPAND THE WAY YOU PACK: Great for shipping, moving and storage. How to use – The 1,000-ft Roll: When anchored by the dispenser, you can pull the roll vertically towards you with both hands, then simply wrap in 360° fashion to cover your item (3-4 wraps recommended). Tear by hand then place into your box. How to use – The Handheld Roll: Hold with one hand on a surface, pulling horizontally to expand with your other free hand. Once expanded, simply wrap in 360° fashion to cover your item (3-4 wraps recommended). Tear by hand then place into your box . Learn more about the dispenser here:

Cushion Lock Roll Dispenser . MORE PACKING POWER - One 30-foot roll starts flat and expands to do the work of 75-ft of standard plastic bubble (1,000 feet expands to equate to 2,500-feet of standard plastic bubble). NESTED PROTECTION - Safe for fragile items and proven to protect. Cushion Lock has passed rigorous ship testing with a variety of fragile items including glass vases, jars and ceramic mugs. PAPER THAT PROTECTS: This paper wrap may feel different than what you’re used to. Specifically designed by scientists to withstand the jostles of transit, this wrap is made with intricately cut 100% recycled paper to act like little fingers, interlocking onto itself to conform around your items like a durable nest of protection. SPACE SAVING: Save up to 80% storage space vs. plastic bubble. USE IN PLACE OF PLASTIC BUBBLE - Expands to fill a box using up to 60% less vs. plastic bubble (* to fill a cubic foot box vs. standard 3/16" plastic bubble) ​