Scotch-Briteā„¢ Durable Flex Hand Pad, MX-HP, A/O Very Fine, 4-1/2 in x 9 in, 25/Carton, 4 Cartons/Case

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Our Scotch-Briteā„¢ Durable Flex Hand Pad combines ultra flexibility with effective cutting action and precise hand control to accomplish tough cleaning jobs or produce fine finishing results.

Can be folded, stacked, or rolled for effective cleaning or conditioning on flat, irregular, or contoured surfaces. Non-woven web is load resistant. Reusable pad resists tearing, splintering, loading and will never rust, providing a long, useful life. Suitable for use on wood, paints, metal, plastics, ceramics, porcelain, glass, rubber or composites. Superior alternative to steel wool, wire brushes, sandpaper, and other nonwoven products for cleaning or finishing tasks