3Mâ„¢ Wetordryâ„¢ Sandpaper, 32043, 9 in x 11 in, 220 grit, 5 per pack, 20 per case

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Clog Resistant Sheets - Unique 3M Mineral Blend Resists Clogging And Loading Meaning Less Dust Removal. Cuts Fast - Combination Of Minerals And Materials Makes Auto Body Sanding Faster And Easier. Ideal For Step 2 Of The 3M Body Repair System - Fill. This Stage Involves Patching Holes With Reinforced Filler And Smoothing And Shaping Filler Before Painting. Ideal To Use With 3M Sanding Blocks. Easy To Attach And Remove. Lasts Longer - Coarse Aluminum Oxide Mineral Last 2.5X Longer Than Conventional 3M Sandpaper. Perfect To Use With Bondo Body Filler - When Used With Bondo Body Filler, 3M'S Sharp Minerals Provide A Refined Finish For A Great Looking Auto Body Repair Project. Range Of Abrasive Grits For Each Step Of Auto Body Repair. Smooth Bondo Spot Putty - 220 Grit Is Great For Shaping Glaze And Spot Putty. Suitable For Hand Or Machine Sanding. Super Strong Abrasive - 3M'S Mineralw Make A Tough Abrasive That Self-Fractures To Expose New Edges Which Allows For High Durability