3M™ Precision Shaped Grain Sandpaper, 03076, 3 2/3 in X 9 in, 80 Grit, 5 Sht/Pk, 20 per case

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Clog Resistant Sheets - Unique 3M Mineral Blend Resists Clogging And Loading Meaning Less Dust Removal. Ideal For Step 1 Of The 3M Body Repair System - Prepare. This Stage Includes Pulling Dents, Removal Of Paint And Rust And Efficient, Effective Masking Of The Area. Ideal To Use With 3M Sanding Blocks. Easy To Attach And Remove. Lasts 5X Longer - Coarse Precision Shaped Grain Mineral Last 5X Longer Than Conventional 3M Sandpaper. Perfect To Use With Bondo Body Filler - When Used With Bondo Body Filler, 3M'S Sharp Minerals Provide A Refined Finish For A Great Looking Auto Body Repair Project. Range Of Abrasive Grits For Each Step Of Auto Body Repair. Sand Auto Surface To Bare Metal - 80 Grit Is Great For Removing Paint And Rust From Metal Or Fiberglass Surfaces. Also Great For Shaping Body Filler. Suitable For Hand Or Machine Sanding. Super Strong Abrasive - 3M'S Mineralw Make A Tough Abrasive That Self-Fractures To Expose New Edges Which Allows For High Durability. Works Harder As You Sand - Precision-Shaped Grain Is Designed With Sharp, Angular Structures That Continuously Fracture To Form Sharp Points.